Back to School - Back to YOU!

The kids are FINALLY back in school - and while yes, this means we're all busy with last minute school supplies, making lunches and arguing with kids who don't want to brush their teeth (wait - that's just me?), we also have a few extra minutes in the day that are just for us mamas. Make sure, now that the kids are getting settled, that you settle back into a routine that includes exercise for you, too.

My favorite tips to help the mornings run smoother:

- Pack lunches the night before. I'm sure you've heard this before, but here's the other trick: pack them while you're cleaning up from dinner. That way, the kitchen's already a mess, you're FULL from dinner and less tempted to snack on whatever you're packing for the kids, and they're still awake and can help. Better still, if they're old enough, they can pack their own.

- Set out everyone's clothes the night before. Yours too! If you're a mom who works out in the morning, set those out. If you work, and workout during or after work, pack them right into your gym bag or set them on your bed so they're ready when you are.

- Get the backpacks packed and ready the night before. There's nothing more stressful than cries of "I can't find my homework folder" or "moooooom, you were supposed to sign this" at 7:30am.

- Create a homework station. Even for the youngest of kids, this can help keep them occupied while you workout or make dinner. For older ones, it helps eliminate those "I can't find my pencil/ruler/paper/lucky elephant eraser" excuses. Maybe it'll even make it easier for you to meal plan or plan out your week.

- Make sure everyone goes to bed early enough to get enough sleep. Kids need between 9-12 hours of sleep, depending on age. Adults need at least 6, better if 7-8 hours. Is what's keeping you awake THAT important?

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