Be Kind to Yourself

Body Back is about so much more than just losing weight. This is Claire's story about where she is after 2 sessions. She's chosen to stop beating herself up and starving herself, and to love and befriend herself instead. As a coach, it's been amazing to watch this transformation.

"I went into Body Back with dreams of instantly dropping 10 pounds, getting a little more "toned", and assumed that I would feel hungry all the time. That didn't happen. What happened was even better. Something really clicked for me over the past few weeks. In the past, I have worked with personal trainers, done pilates 3x a week, taken bridal bootcamps, kickboxing, and been a gym cardio queen (which I think is what destroyed my Thyroid). It had been so ingrained in me to eat very little and burn a lot. Through the Body Back program I have changed that mentality. It can be very frustrating to not be able to report rapidly dropping pounds on the scale but now I realize that a number shouldn't be my end goal. I was 118 pounds the day of my wedding and still felt uncomfortable in a bathing suit. I will not let the scale control me. I am a work in progress and I am no longer looking for some sort of quick fix. My body deserves to be fueled and I want to be strong for once in my life. There is still the little voice in the back of my head saying, “just eat less and things will happen”. But I am telling her to shut up while I try things a new way, a better way. "

For more on body image and learning to quiet that unkind voice, listen to Lisa Druxman's podcast and consider these tips:

* Keep negative feelings about your own body to yourself.

* Be proud of your body and all it can do. Focus on function!

* Take compliments when they are given to you!

* Stay away from diets. Your children need to see you eat.

* Model healthy exercise behavior. By taking your kids to Stroller Strides, you are showing your kids that exercise is important to you and that it's fun!

* Don't let your daughter hear you discussing your weight or dieting. Be very careful about conversations with friends. They hear more than you realize!

* Try not to hide your body from your daughter. Be proud of your curves. Being open about your body shows your daughter that you are comfortable and that there's nothing to be ashamed of.

* Be careful of the media. Choose your television programs and magazines carefully.

The more you model this behavior for your kids, the more you'll start to adopt it internally. It's not easy at first, but eventually it can become second nature.