Body Back | My Why

I have to get this out while it's fresh with emotions. Today was hard. Today sucked. Today I pushed myself past an emotional roadblock just to prove to myself that life goes on. We keep moving forward, despite what we are experiencing in our normal lives.

Today while at work I was given the news that my very good family friend had lost his battle with cancer. He was 25. 25. He was someone's son, someone's brother, someone's fiancé, someone's dad. I left work in a blur of tears and emotions. All I wanted was to get home, hug my babies and crawl under the covers, binge watch crappy tv and eat food that I was sure would fill this sadness. Going to body back class wasn't something I planned to do. I didn't want to push myself when I already felt so beat up.

When I got home my husband was shocked to see me home so early. When I told him why, I caved into his chest and just cried. I cried and cried. I cried for his family, for his friends, for anyone fighting a fight right now. After my husband served me dinner (I know, I'm lucky) he told me I wasn't giving up tonight. If I wanted to crawl under the covers and watch tv I could, but I should go to body back anyways. I went to my bedroom, sat on my bed and reminded myself of WHY I started Body Back in the first place, the village.

Body Back is SO MUCH MORE than just a workout class. It's a group of Moms doing what we do best, holding each other up. I haven't been a part of this group for very long, but it doesn't mean I don't feel apart of this village already. I know some names, some know me, but it doesn't matter. A complete stranger will walk up and say how great you're doing, because that's what Moms do naturally, we care. I went to body back tonight just to feel the support, to dedicate 1 hour to myself, to move forward. I left with all of that and more. I pushed past an emotional hurdle.

Katy is amazing. She provides a constant in a world of chaos for us Moms. The weekly classes are such a great place to reset and recommit to ourselves. I am so proud of myself for not quitting myself tonight.

Now make sure you get your moles checked and wear your sunscreen.