Body Back | Week Three

Week 3 marked my first week back after being down and out with the toddler junk that often comes with the start of school. I was impressed with how OUT OF SHAPE 1 week of no training had left me. I was able to attend an early morning class (which I love and is such a treat) as well as my typical night class.

The one thing I love the most about Body Back is the fact that these ladies all know each others struggle, almost too well. We are all women, juggling the demands of life and trying to find ourselves in the process. Returning to class was simple, it was rewarding and it left me a sweaty mess. All of which were needed and appreciated. That 1 week off was a harsh reminder of how much I need that 1 hour of time to myself. I need the healthy choices in the kitchen. I need the meditation at the end of class to hush the inner mean girl who creeps in sometimes. I need this village.