Final Assessments

Tonight we did our 8 week assessments. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. All day long I thought about the scale, the tape measure and the RUN. I gave my 8 week course everything I had, within my capabilities, but I did fall short on the scale. My at home workouts were hit or miss and my nutrition could have been better (always a struggle). The course and the village were a breath of fresh air blown into my life. I end my first session with more than just measurements and numbers on a scale. I end with a new band of women all in my tribe, cheering me on as I continue my fitness journey.

Although my measurements and scale numbers weren't what I anticipated, my fitness portion is KILLER. Just 8 weeks ago I finished my run at 5:02, tonight I ran that same distance in 4:42, and I stopped to walk!!! I am so proud of this, I feel unstoppable. This is just one area of improvement. I am excited to say that with every physical challenge I was able to increase my reps!

Here's what you GAIN with Body Back and Fit4Mom while you are losing self doubt, negativity and inches:

A tribe. A village of like minded women standing in the cold late at night cheering on the last runner as she makes her way to the finish line (she may or may not be crying at this point).

A Sisterhood of Mama's who continue to build you up when your inner mean girl is trying to break you down.

Friendship. Accountability. Confidence.

A Leader/Coach/Fitness expert who will do anything for her people. This is priceless. With every step and every drip of sweat, you have someone lifting you up and believing in YOU. If you don't have that kind of support, you're missing out.

Body Back and Fit4Mom is everything I never knew I needed. I'm so excited to start my second round. I know where I need to give more attention and I can't wait to get after it!