Find your Tribe | Body Back | Stroller Strides

This morning I had the pleasure of attending an AM body back class, a complete treat for me. 5:30 AM with Moms and our amazing leader Katy. We got to celebrate Katy's birth with a chain style workout. I'm 100% sure I won't be able to use my arms until Thursday. There's nothing more motivating than sweating next to women who are all on the same war path. The music was on point and the energy in the room was out of control.

Since it's Monday and a bad Monday only happens if you allow it; I decided to try out the original creation that came from fit4mom: stroller strides, a few hours later.

It was taught by the amazingly spunky Ali. It was a stations based class with your choice of walking or running to your next location. She incorporated arms, legs, cardio and core. I had the pleasure of meeting new faces (a couple familiar from Body Back) and their little loves. This class was intense. I wasn't prepared for the sweat that was going to happen. I definitely thought we would do a few plié squats holding onto our strollers, sing some songs and chat. Nope. if you want an excellent workout, a chance to bond with other moms and their babies while getting your butt kicked, please do yourself a favor and sign up for a class with fit4mom. I'm walking away with even more Mom's to add to my tribe, who doesn't want that?!

It doesn't matter what age your children are, how athletic you are, or how old you are. All you need is an interest in connecting with your community/your village, and a desire to sweat, A LOT.