Fit4Baby - Fit for Motherhood, Fit for Life

We are so excited to launch our prenatal program, Fit4Baby, at Swedish Issaquah in October. Fit4Baby is a full body workout designed specifically for pregnant mamas. It's your time to workout alongside other moms going through what you're going through and begin to build Your Village.

Pregnancy is such a wondorous time;

"I wonder if I'm doing this right?"

"I wonder if I'm going to hurt myself doing this?"

"I wonder if I'll hurt my baby?"

"I wonder if anyone will notice if I eat all the ice cream?"

Let our certified pre natal fitness instructors help ease some of your concerns, about exercise, anyway! Fit4Baby is taught by certified prenatal group fitness instructors who are also MOMS and have been through it too.

We look forward to working with you throughout your pregnancy to help keep you healthy!

Contact Katy for more details or check out our website.