verb (used with object), resolved, resolving.


to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something)

Such a firm word. Hard. Mean, even, almost. It’s heavy, for sure. And with it, comes expectations. That if you don’t complete that which you’ve resolved to do, somehow you’ve failed. Or fallen short. I’m all for goals, and I’m ALL for hitting them, but this just sometimes sees like an awful lot of pressure.

I don’t often make them. Or if I do, I don’t tell most people about them. And my resolutions are rarely physical. I don’t resolve to eat better, lose weight, workout more, keep my room clean, etc. That’s not something to start on 1JAN. That’s something to start today. Wanna eat better? Choose an apple. Right now. Wanna lose weight? Find a class and come. Right now. Wanna keep your room clean? Get the laundry off the floor and move on. Get the idea?

But this year…I’m resolving to trust myself more, to listen to my heart, to slow down, to say no, to say yes, and to believe that I do, in fact, have it.

I’ve. Got. This.

“Time is what we have and how we use it is what makes or breaks us.”

I want to use my time to live. To be in nature, to get my kids into it. To turn off, tune in, tune out, unplug, plug in, get on the mountain, in the water, and everywhere in between. I want to have conversations, share ideas, inspire others, lift people up, give love and in doing that, feed MY soul.

What will you use your time for this year?