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Sneaking in all in...

As moms, our time is precious. Whether we stay at home, work from home or out of the house, or any of the myriad combinations in between, time is precious and how we choose to spend it is of the essence. I hear, all the time, how challenging it can be to get in a full, solid workout during the day. So, I present to you, a few tips and tricks to sneaking in some extra movement throughout your day!

divide it up: a little bit throughout the day really does add up

use a yoga ball instead of a chair - you'll be bouncing all day and secretly working your core

stand at your desk - can you opt for a stand up desk? work at your counter (I'm typing this standing at my counter right now)?

workout while commuting - can you bike to work? park in the back of the lot?

stretch breaks - every hour, set an alarm, and stand up, stretch everything, walk to get water, and come on back.

walk and talk with friends, rather than sit at a coffee shop

ten pushups, 10 squats every morning before you shower

squats or calf raises while you brush your teeth or do dishes

work out while the kids play at the park or, better still, come to Stroller Strides!

get your partner on board to help you find some extra time in your day. if bedtime and bathtime can be his special time with the kiddos, boom! there's 45 minutes to an hour for a workout. bonus points if you can sneak out and get to a Body Back class!

quick 30m workouts, like this one from our Global Fitness Director, Farel Hruska

dry shampoo and face wipes

And in the end, I've decided for myself, that I'm OK with just being kinda sweaty and running around town in workout gear all day. I can rock a messy bun, I wear waterproof mascara to minimize that "just worked out" raccoon eyes look, and I pack baby wipes and deodorant to freshen up after a workout.

You do you, mama. And if you want to squeeze in those workouts, I know you'll find a way to make it a priority.