Staying the Course: The First Ten

It's always after a Body Back class that I'm able to finally hear myself. Hear what my heart is saying, organize my thoughts, etc. I don't know if it's because I've finally given myself an hour to just be me, I'm not at work helping others or at home taking care of my beautiful family. I'm by myself, endorphins pumping, and feeling alive.

We are well into our second session of Body Back and I've reached a major milestone. I've FINALLY dropped my first 10lbs. That may not seem like a lot based on how hard we work during these sessions, but for someone who has literally destroyed her metabolism, a 10lb weight loss WHILE EATING, is huge. I'm not gonna lie, a fist was raised in the air when that number appeared on the scale.

So here's what I'm learning about myself and my journey: I need nutrition and exercise, together, at all times. I'm not the girl that can eat whatever she wants, jog it out and lose weight. I'm also not the girl that can eat clean and live a sedentary lifestyle. I've put my body through too much and it's figured me out. I'm going to be brutally honest with you, in all of my years of dieting and trying to be the best version of myself, I've never done it the right way/old fashioned way. I've never lost weight by working out and eating. Scary, right? Old habits die hard. Old problems linger and like to creep in whenever things are going well. For the first time in my life I'm giving it a shot, and it's working!!!!

Every day I journal, I keep track of my sleep, my activity level and what the heck I put into my mouth. At first it felt overwhelming, until I realized THIS is how I'm going to finally improve. Keeping healthy food in the house so I can't grab the crap is also a huge help. At home workouts combined with 2-3 times a week Body Back HIIT classes are the bees knees. Everything is finally clicking into place and I feel unstoppable. You deserve that feeling, that confidence, too.

If you've ever treated your body with disrespect, or you've let the inner mean girl win, you need to know that it gets better. It's not forever, there are women out there that will love and support you until you are ready to love yourself. I promise.