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The Off Week

Have you ever felt off? Have you ever felt off for an entire week?! You don't have to raise your hand or comment, but I see you and I'm right there with you. This week I've been off, no not a planned week of fun festivities, off as in out of it, distant, withdrawn. I've eaten my meals but I've indulged, probably more than my trainer would like me to. Here's the thing with Body Back, they've never said you CAN'T indulge, in fact, they expect you to, they just want you to acknowledge it, write it down, and address the issues of why you are indulging. The workouts go hand in hand with the tailored nutrition plan. They are both designed to help you lose weight, or lose whatever it is you are working on: lack of confidence, self control, excuses, self doubt. Writing it all down is your accountability with yourself. You eat ice cream two nights in a row? Write it. Then you can address why the scale went up 3lbs. (True story).

What I am still working on is making deposits into my Mom Bank while balancing the struggles of every day life. This week, oh man, this week, I've made zero deposits into my Mom Bank. Like all Moms do, I've continued to give to EVERYONE except myself. To a friend who has been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer (I'm determined to give her the BEST Christmas, ever), to my home life and the roller coaster of the fire service, to another friend who is hurting due to loss of pregnancy and complications, to another friend who is hurting and withdrawing from friends. What my biggest problem is, is when others hurt, I hurt. When I hurt, I neglect myself, my routine, my workouts. It's a viscous cycle, huh?!

So then when I feel myself being spread too thin, my Mom Bank running on empty, it's almost like my body is screaming STOP!!! Time out. Time to regroup, refocus. Reach out for my tribe and call on the sisters that have supported me since day 1. Make time for ME I say to myself. Get to class, go for a walk, move your muscles. Put down the fork, put down the phone, quit trying to save every single person and work on saving Mom. No ones going to do it for you. No one is going to meal prep or do the workouts for you. This is MY journey. My workouts. My adventure...... I don't have to stop caring about the people in my life or the situations in my life, but I do need to continue to give a damn about myself and not let other uncontrollable situations control me.

Just like on an airplane, when seated with a child, they have the adult put on their oxygenated mask FIRST, so that you can help others. If you don't have a full Mom Bank, how can you give to those around you? You can't pour from an empty cup.

Say Bye to the Off Week, let it reside in the past. Get your butt outside and give that time to yourself.